What's Leaking from My Car?

What's Leaking from My Car?You're probably aware that your vehicle uses at least one type of liquid to run, that of course being gasoline. But were you aware of the other fluids that are commonly used by a car to help it travel safely and reliably down the road? Yep, your car is relies on these other liquids for things such as shifting gears, slowing down and preventing engine overheating. That's why it is critical to get to a repair shop as soon as possible if you spot something leaking from your car. The following are the most common types of automotive fluid leaks.

Engine Oil Leak

The engine needs oil to prevent harsh friction between its moving parts. A leak will often produce a black or dark brown stain on the ground. However, if your car is creating blue exhaust smoke then oil could be leaking into the combustion chambers.

Coolant Leak

The coolant, otherwise known as antifreeze, is necessary to prevent engine overheating. If you spot a bright green, sweet smelling puddle under your car it isn't (probably) radioactive waste, that'd be coolant. Head to the shop before your engine melts itself.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid not only provides lubrication to the moving gears, but also provide hydraulic force to help with shifting. If you spot a reddish fluid under the forward half of your car, that'd be transmission fluid.

Differential Fluid Leak

Differential fluid looks similar to transmission fluid, so the best way to tell the difference is by where the leak is collecting. If the reddish puddle is near the rear of the car then it's probably coming from the differential.

Brake Fluid Leak

A brake fluid leak will often be accompanied by a soft or spongy brake pedal. If you encounter this issue and spot a clearish-brown liquid near the wheels, head to the shop immediately.

Power Steering Fluid Leak

A car that produces a loud clicking noise while cornering is probably low on power steering fluid. It's important to have this checked out before the power steering pump fails.

Don't let leaks be the downfall of your car. If you need automotive fluid leak repair in Gonzales head to All Tune and Lube. Our auto repair team is highly skilled at diagnosing and repairing all types of car problems. Give us a call at (225) 590-5369 to schedule expert auto repair in Gonzales today.

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