3 Ways to Maintain a Safe Car

3 Ways to Maintain a Safe CarAutomotive ownership is a great convenience, as it allows for ease of transportation from point to point and everywhere in between. As vehicles become more technologically advanced they also are becoming more safe. That said, it still takes proper maintenance to keep your car running safely and reliably. There are numerous services that should be done on a regular basis in order to ensure you vehicles rides right and is easy to handle. These are three important safety services you need to always perform for your car when the time comes.

Suspension Service

The suspension system of your car has two primary functions. First, it is designed to greatly increases the comfort of your commute. The shocks and springs are designed to absorb bumps and dips in the road, keeping the body of the vehicle stable. The second function is to improve handling while cornering. The suspension shifts the vehicle's center of gravity while cornering so it does not roll, spin out of control or otherwise stray off course. If your car seems to bounce more than it used to, or if you experience a roll-over sensation during cornering, make an appointment with your local auto shop for suspension services right away. Overall, the suspension is designed to keep the wheels on the ground at all times, ensuring maximum braking power, safe cornering and a comfy ride.

Brake Repair

When it comes to safety, the absolute most important service you can do for your vehicle is repair the brakes as soon as you notice signs of trouble. If your brakes are squealing, causing your car to shake or pull to one side, or if your ABS dash indicator light is on, head to your local service shop right away. Delaying the brake repair can be very dangerous, as you never know when the brakes could fail completely.

Power Steering System Flush

Hydraulic power steering systems have been in use by vehicles for multiple decades. Their design makes handling a car very easy, especially at lower speeds. For the power steering system to work properly it uses a specialized fluid that helps force the tires to turn, making cornering quite a bit easier. This fluid will disintegrate over many miles due to constant changes in temperature and general wear and tear. If the aged fluid is left unflushed it can cause damage to components of the system, including the power steering pump. Check your owner's manual to see how often a power steering flush should be completed on your car or truck.

It is up to you to keep your car safe to drive, so the best thing you can do is find an honest auto repair shop to help you maintain it. If you need any sort of auto repair in Gonzales head to All Tune and Lube. Our auto repair experts will help with any maintenance services your car needs. Call (225) 590-5369 to request quality auto repair in Gonzales today.

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