How Auto Maintenance Service Saves You Money

Save Money with Auto MaintenanceIt's been said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and it's no exaggeration that $100 in preventative auto maintenance could easily save you over $1,000 in auto repairs later. Think of an avoidable transmission failure. By caring for your car, truck, SUV or commercial fleet with timely vehicle maintenance, you can prevent costly auto repairs. Regular vehicle maintenance inspections, like annual state safety inspections, are a great way for your local auto technician to point out potential hazards and help you avoid problems down the road. Find a local auto repair shop you can trust, then discover why vehicle maintenance saves you money.

Brake Inspections

Your brakes work by creating friction as brake pads press against rotors to slow and stop your vehicle. Brake pads wear down at varying rates depending on driving habits, brake pad type, vehicle weight and other factors. Luckily, some auto shops offer complimentary visual brake inspection with an oil change, letting you how much wear your brake pads have left before you'll want to get them replaced.

It's very important to replace brake pads and brake shoes before they completely wear out, because waiting results in more costly brake repair. When brake pads are allowed to wear out completely, they grind against the rotors or drums, causing damage. As this damage worsens, the cost of repair goes up. Left long enough, additional brake components like calipers may need to be replaced, which is expensive. Replacing brake pads on time saves money and reduces the risk of an accident caused by brake failure.

Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is vital to the operation of your automatic transmission, and as one of the most intricate and essential components of your vehicle, it's important to stay on top of regular transmission maintenance. Vehicle manufacturers supply a maintenance calendar that details when to service the transmission and perform fluid flushes. When this service is neglected, low fluid levels are not detected, and proper transmission fluid viscosity is lost, causing the fluid to become riddled with small metal shavings.

If you're experiencing weird driving sensations or a burning smell, you may be headed toward transmission malfunction and repair. Transmission rebuild, repair or replacement is expensive - often in the thousands of dollars. Compared to the $100 or so cost of an occasional transmission service, it's easy to see how regular auto maintenance saves money.

Other vehicle maintenance services that help prevent costly auto repairs include engine tune-up, fuel injection service, combustion chamber cleaning, belt and hose replacement, tire rotation and wheel alignment. Check your owner's manual for an outline of how often specific maintenance services are recommended.

For an affordable and qualified auto repair shop in Gonzales that provides state safety and emissions inspections and free brake inspections with every oil change, All Tune and Lube can be reached at (225) 590-5369. Don't forget to check out their money-saving online coupons.

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