4 Common Causes of a Dead Battery

4 Common Causes of a Dead BatteryYour vehicle needs three things in order to start: gas, air and spark. That spark is produced by an electrical charge that originates in the battery when the key is turned. If your battery has been drained of its power you will not be able to get your vehicle started. Batteries do have a lifespan that can range greatly depending on the type and quality, but typically 3-5 years is a fair estimate for battery life. If your battery dies and it is relatively new it is likely because of one of these following issues and you will probably need a jumpstart to get the motor running. If your battery dies repeatedly be sure to head to the auto repair shop right away to have the issue diagnosed to avoid any more annoying starting trouble.

Corrosion or Dirt

Intermittent battery trouble is commonly caused by dirt or corrosion on the terminals. This can be easily repaired by unhooking the battery cables and using a wire brush to rub the debris away. Ensure that both terminals are securely reconnected when you are hooking the battery back up to the vehicle.

Stuck Relay

There are relays throughout your vehicle that allow for the passing of electricity in order to power certain parts of the vehicle, similar to a light switch, except operated automatically. If one of these relays get stuck in the on position it will continue to draw power from the battery, even after the vehicle is off, quickly draining it of its power. If you continually experience a dead battery this is likely the cause.

Faulty Auto Shut Off Switch

Newer vehicles utilize a sensor system that will keep electrical power flowing in a vehicle that has been turned off until the driver's door has been open. While this is convenient for rolling up windows, providing interior lighting and adjusting power seats after the car has been turned off if these systems can fail to detect the opening and closing of the door it results the power not being shut off. These accessories will continue to draw electrical current and they will quickly use up the battery's juice as your vehicle lays dormant in the driveway.

Driver Error

Of course the most common reason a battery will die is driver error. Leaving a door ajar, the headlights on or playing the radio for an extended period of time when the car is off will eat up battery power as well. A car needs to be running to recharge the battery, so any electrical components that are left on use power from the battery to operate when the vehicle is off.

If you continually experience a problem that results in your vehicle needing a jumpstart to get going have an auto repair mechanic check it out to figure out what the problem is. If you believe you need a new car battery in Gonzales head to All Tune and Lube. We excel at auto electric problems and will quickly get to the bottom of the trouble. To learn more about our extensive services or to request expert auto repair in Gonzales give our team a call at (225) 590-5369.

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