My Car is Shifting Funny, is it Time for Transmission Repair?

My Car is Shifting Funny, is it Time for Transmission Repair?The transmission's primary function is to transfer the power created by the engine to the wheels, via the driveshaft. With general maintenance the transmission shouldn't have any trouble lasting a couple hundred thousands of miles. If left neglected, or if your car just happens to have an odometer that has rolled over enough times, you may begin to experience a few issues. If you start to notice funky shifting you'll want to get to an auto repair shop right away before bigger issues develop. The following are some of the most common signs of a failing transmission.

Falling out of gear

One of the most dangerous signs of transmission trouble is if your vehicle suddenly falls out of gear or pops into neutral. This issue prevents you from being able to properly control your car, as you no longer can dictate power going to the wheels. Be sure to get to a repair shop the first time this happens to lessen the chances of bigger problems, including an accident.

Delayed shifting

If your vehicle's engine revs high while shifting there is a good chance that the transmission is low on transmission fluid or the transmission fluid is contaminated.

Grinding noises

Perhaps the most common sign of transmission trouble is a strange noise that occurs while shifting. There are various sounds that may be heard and are often described as a grinding, squealing, or whining sound. However you want to describe it, it isn't good!

Erratic shifting

If your automatic transmission seems to shift for no reason or at times when shifting is not necessary you will want to get to the shop. This can be caused by computer related issues or simply because of a lack of transmission fluid.

Other signs of Transmission Trouble

There are a few other signs of transmission trouble that don't necessarily present as physical issues. At least not right away.

  • Check Engine Light - There are many things that can trigger the check engine light, including transmission problems!
  • Transmission Fluid Leak - If you notice a red fluid collecting in your driveway under your vehicle than you've just discovered a transmission fluid leak!

By paying attention to the signs of trouble you can often prevent the need for transmission rebuilding. So if you notice any of these issues head to All Tune and Lube for expert transmission service in Gonzales. Our qualified technicians can perform routine service and transmission repairs to get you back up and running right. Give us a call at (225) 590-5369 to schedule auto repair in Gonzales and be sure to check out our special offers!

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